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The Phantom Inker's blog

25 May 1976
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  • seanofw
At a glance
Online:phantom-inker or Phantom Inker
Often called:Inker, PI, Inky
Real name:Sean
Birthday:May 25, 1976
Location:Pennsylvania, USA
Blood type:O-
Height:5'4" short
Weight:Usually 125 to 130 pounds
Marital status:  Happily engaged :D
Hello! I'm glad you're interested in me! I'm known to a lot of people as the Phantom Inker, although a lot of people just call me Inker or PI or even Inky. In real life, I'm a 31-year-old guy named Sean, living in sunny southeastern Pennsylvania. Or at least it's sunny when it's not raining.

I'm engaged to be married to a nice girl named Robin, who often goes by the moniker of "Songbird" on-line. I dunno how I got so lucky as to find her, but I did, and I'm keeping her.

I used to be a lot more paranoid about saying this, but I worry a lot less about it these days. I have some weird fetishes, specifically in that I really like certain mutant and mythic transformations (TFs), especially centaurs, half-octopus people, driders, nagas, and generally find attractive any girl with too many or too few legs from the wrong species. No, I don't know why I like that, and despite trying for years to explain it, I've never been able to. Thankfully, Songbird likes this stuff just as much as I do, so while we may be weird, at least we're weird together.

Despite that, I'm a registered Republican, and tend to be a bit on the conservative side. In reality, I'm closer to libertarian, not a classic conservative: I'm financially conservative (smaller taxes, smaller government, and the market knows what it's doing), but socially somewhat liberal (no government in the bedroom, and let me make my own decisions in life, thanks). I'm a Christian --- Presbyterian, if you care --- and generally believe that morals and ethics are important, that the spirit of the law is more important than its letter, and that helping people is its own reward. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't swear.

I draw and write about my fantasies, and that helps me deal with the fact that the weird fantasies in my head don't mesh well with being a conservative churchgoing Republican. Songbird helps, too: Many of the concepts behind the pictures I've drawn were based on dreams that I had, and then she'd fill in a lot of the conceptual details, like hairstyles and clothing and choice of colors. I haven't posted much (well, nearly any) of my writing on-line, but I'm a bit of a grammar nazi, and tend to correct people even when it's unwise to do so. I took a few art classes when I was young, but am otherwise mostly self-taught with the help of books. You can find my artwork online at a variety of places: My site, deviantART, SheezyART, and FurAffinity, to name a few. If you wish to make copies of my artwork, you may do so for your own private use, and even re-post them on image boards; but you may not use them for commercial purposes without my permission.

I'm heavily involved in the Wotch webcomic, and wrote a lot of their software. I also have done filler comics there, and have drawn some nice portraits of their characters (which you can find in most of my art galleries).

I'm a talented programmer, with my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and my day job is running my own small software company. I wrote most of the code used at the Wotch, all the code at my own site, and I manage dozens of other web sites out there as well as writing a lot of software offline too. I speak about two dozen programming languages fluently. That said, programming is my day job, and while I really thoroughly enjoy it and am passionate about it, it's not my entire life.

I love good anime, and tend to like anime more than American TV, mainly because it's better-written. I love a lot of American animated stuff too, like Animaniacs, the Simpsons, and South Park, and regularly inhale the NBC Nightly News too. I know some Japanese --- but I'm still a long way from fluent in that yet --- and I'm "reasonably fluent" in French, in that if I ever need to be fully fluent again, it'll just take a couple of weeks of brushing up on it.

I have this LJ account because I've felt the need to say things, and recently some events have transpired that make me feel like I should be writing about them. I intend to put my random, personal thoughts in here, and some of it's going to be art-related; some of it will be Wotch- and TF-related; some of it will be programming-related; and some of it will be commentary on the world. I don't guarantee that the content won't be inflammatory at times --- these are my opinions, take 'em or leave 'em --- but I will try to ensure that my words will have substance and merit at all times.

And, well, so there ya have it.